Sunday, May 1, 2011

Am I the Hottest Guy In SL?

I am hearing from the grapevine that yours truly, Chase Tehani was the most downloaded photo going around there in a popular blog by my friend Eddie. He just did a posting on his top 10 list of hottest male avis here on Second Life, and I am honored that I was chosen as #1 when I first started using the program I  looked like an idiot, I had joined before with names i cannot even remember and never used it because first I looked like shit, and second I didn't really want to give it a try. So I packed my bags from an old program I used to use, and joined up the world of Second Life. I created Chase Tehani, and got me a new skin, some hair, and shape and I was out and about. I am truly blessed by the people that I have met in this place, they all changed my life in many ways. I love all my friends and to be considered one of the hottest men here is awesome! 

My First SL Look! Not too bad
Current Look. Wearing my Brazilian Carnival get up

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  1. Chase, I did not select you -- my readers did by downloading your photos on my blog more than anyone else. That is what I used as a criteria-- I published hundreds of photos of hot Second Life men over the past several months, and yours were downloaded the most. One thing good about this method is that it is entirely non-subjective, and that no one even knew that I was counting these with my statcounter software. Congrats. You can see the article here: