Monday, August 22, 2011

Amazing Works!

Stopping by the Emmanuelle Jameson blog I came across an interesting photo made by the VERY talented Debora Stine, her artworks led me to search her out till I found her flick account and her work are let me tell you AMAZING!!! This girl is NO JOKE and some of her stuff left me laughing. The old man banging or "raping" the girl was disgusting, but something about it just made me giggle. She has a sense of humor and a great eye for fantasy. Some may find her work to be a bit controversial, but I salute her for stepping out of the box and doing stuff like that. I am looking forward to more work from her, and so should you!!!!!!! 

PS. I am a gay man and I found this photo truly amazing lol


  1. My biggest regret is that I forgot to post Deborah's warning on the pic: "This picture does not refer to any kind of apology for Nazism or Nazi idea. This photo is just a parody of a sex scene." I think what she's trying to say is this doesn't look different from other sex scenes that are considered "acceptable." But put Nazi uniforms on them and suddenly you see the violence and evil in the scene. The other point is that parody is different than homage. That's why there can be a hit Broadway play that does a musical salute to Nazis. Satire usually means you disagree with the idea.

  2. Your right Emanuelle..Some people need to take the photo for what it is, a parody of sex basing nazi's lol because that's what it is.